ANYONE ELSE have that ONE picture they keep going back to where they were super fit and wonder why you ever let yourself slack and fall backward?

THIS is THAT pic for me… It was at the end of my Insanity Max:30 journey (you know, that crazy Shaun T at home fitness program you see on infomercials, haha) and I actually had a flat tummy!!! I remember how hard that program was and all the days I ALMOST puked–BUT I DID IT! If finished the damn thing and I had the results to prove it.

But, then Spring Break happened, then Summer and all the fun vacations, and now the Holidays. It’s not like I’m not working out, and I’ve been eating pretty clean but I want those abs back darnit!!!

I will be turing 32 in January and my goal is to get back to THIS picture by then! So I am RE-COMMITTING and joining a 30 day online accountability group on FB with others doing the same! There are a few spots remaining, so if you are in my same shoes and are ready for change, this is your CHANCE FOR CHANGE!!

If interested, please take a moment to fill out this application:

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