NEW! Online Fitness Bootcamp-Now Accepting Applications



I had a wonderful woman fill out a wufoo application for my next online bootcamp. She is a 3rd grade teacher from Florida.  Problem is I do not have an email address to get back to you 🙁 So if that’s you, could you please send me an email at so we can chat more. Thanks!!


Happy New Year!

Let the New Years resolutions begin!

I used to make them all the time, usually to lose weight.  And I just could never seem to STICK to them!  I’d hit it hard for a maybe two weeks, then I’d slowing slip away from my goals. One of the reasons I could never reach my goal is because I just didn’t have the support I needed-I was going at it alone.

One of the things I LOVE about Beachbody is that the company’s main focus is on SUPPORT!  The goal is not just to get amazing programs and products to people, but rather to provide continuous support and motivation through our online fitness groups.  The success rate of participants in my groups is very high!  People are losing weight, getting healthy and changing their lives! The success is long-term because our focus is on creating a healthy lifestyle, not just a crash diet.


My team is kicking off the New Year with a new online fitness bootcamp called “New Year, New You.” We will be providing not only daily support, but also meal planning resources, grocery lists, recipes, fitness tips and much more. Our group is filling up fast with everyone wanting to make changes in 2016.  We welcome anyone who is ready to make some changes and be a better YOU in 2016!

To apply, please send a friends request to and fill out this application so we can work together to determine which program is a good fit for you and your fitness goals:

I look forward to working with you!

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