3-Day Refresh Sample Meal Plan


Moment of honesty….my diet SUCKS right now!!  I just can’t seem to get back on track after Christmas.  Actually, truth, this started around Thanksgiving. I’m already one month into Hammer and Chisel and am feeling stronger, but not seeing the progress I want, because of my crappy diet. I ordered the 3-Day Refresh on Christmas day, in anticipation of wanting to clean things up.


I will be starting it this Wednesday, January 6th and really can’t wait. Why am I waiting? Well, because I teach Insanity Live classes on Monday and Wednesdays and I don’t want to be too calorie depleted.  Plus you are supposed to take it easy with exercise during the three days. So, in preparation, I have already created my meal plan for the 3 days, and wanted to share!

3 Day Refresh

A lot of people think that a “cleanse” means having to be near the toilet all day and starving yourself.  Well, this isn’t a cleanse and is definitely NOT like that-or I would NEVER do it!!!  You actually get small snacks throughout the day, and the package comes with a booklet outlining exactly what you eat, even giving you a ton of options!

Want more information on the 3-Day Refresh? Send an email to brownellbootcamp@gmail.com and let’s chat more!


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    1. The fiber sweep is kinda like a “broom” for your intestines, lol! Tastes pretty bad, BUT you drink it down quickly, and it helps flush everything out (you get it?) The Vanilla Fresh is a high protein, nutrient-dense drink that you have twice a day. That tastes delicious!

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