3 Day Refresh-Day TWO Review


SO happy to report that today was MUCH easier!  I slept great last night, was not hungry when I woke up (thought I’d be STARVING!) and felt really, how should I say…..REFRESHED!  But in all seriousness, after my Day One post yesterday, I think I scared people away from trying the 3 Day Refresh.  For real you guys, yesterday was just some serious detoxing going on!  That is how addictive sugar and processed foods are–really scary!


  • 25 oz of water during my Hammer & Chisel workout.
  • Vanilla Shakeology with 1/2 a frozen banana, caramel extract ice and water.
  • Black coffee–So, you’re not supposed to have coffee but I just couldn’t help it.  I guess a coffee detox is next?  NAH!!!


  • Fiber Sweep down the hatch! CHUG CHUG CHUG!



  • Pretty predictable–Same as yesterday, but with a small apple.


  • Again, predictable–The book calls for a small red pepper, but we had green pepper and a few mini orange peppers.
  • Had some awesome cinnamon tea-yum!
  • Felt TOTALLY satisfied!



  • Organic vegetable broth-This just hits the spot!



  • I had the spinach salad again, but with a few differences.
  • I was out of cucumber, so subbed in a bit of broccoli.
  • I added a few freebie spices to the dressing–red pepper flakes, cumin and chili powder.
  • Instead of lemon juice, I used lime juice to give it a “Mexican” feel.
  • TIP: I put all the veggies in a large mixing bowl, added the dressing, and gave it a good mix so all the pieces were coated. Previously, I had just drizzled it on, but that left some pieces dry.
  • Finished the night off with Vanilla Fresh with rum extract!

Looking forward to day THREE and being done!  I am feeling really excited about the results, just in time for my 32nd birthday this Sunday!!!

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