Weekly Meal Plan 1/25/16

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So, after a week of being a little sick and then traveling to Los Angeles for Beachbody’s New Leader Conference, I have decided to start month 2 of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel over.  I fell a couple days behind and I just want to make sure I am giving it 100%.


Now that I am feeling better and done traveling, I’m ready to hit it hard, which includes getting my meal planning back on track.  Don’t get me wrong, Beachbody fed us like queens for each meal, but I definitely wasn’t tracking any meals or sticking to my allotted containers. So here is my weekly meal plan for you.


Since I am a (mostly) vegetarian, you will see that there is not meat on the plan (minus lean venison that my hubby harvested).  You can easily add a lean protein (chicken, beef, fish) to many of these meals for a red container.  I have Shakeology twice a day to make sure I get all 4 of my red servings.



Click HERE to download your own copy of this meal plan!

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