April Home Updates!!

Sometimes I just need to brag on my hubby!  He is the BEST!  The basement of our new home was in pretty rough shape, so basically when we moved in it became the holding tank for all our crap we didn’t have time to unpack, lol!  So, slowly, as we began to put things away, we started crafting some ideas for what we wanted to do with this basically unfinished basement.


There had been flood damage several years ago, so we were dealing with a clean slate, which is awesome!  I wasn’t sure when my husband would have time to tackle anything down there, but while I was on vacation for a week, I came home to some SERIOUS work being done–yay!


So, icky wood panels came off the walls and ceiling, what was left of the nasty vinyl flooring got scraped off and the drywall went up.  As soon as the texture is sprayed and dried, and I get the green light, I’ll be painting my little heart out.  Future plans include new flooring, a new ceiling (no more office ceiling tiles!) and a facelift for the fireplace.



He also put in all new REAL wood doors upstairs, and now my job will be to paint them all eventually, as well as fill in all the nail holes and paint those too.  The flooring came in for the kitchen, dining and living rooms, and hallway, which will be tackled in the next few weeks as well.


I tell you what, it’s been A LOT of work–mainly on my husbands part.  But man, the minute we start to feel frustrated or annoyed of living in a semi-construction zone, all I need to do is take a look outside and soak up the beautiful views and listen to–NOTHING!  I love living away from the city where all we can hear is the sound of nature.





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