Fit For The 4th Countdown!

Summer is underway, and for majority of us that means BBQ’s, travel, and lots of FUN!  With that fun may come hesitation–“I really want to lose weight, but it’s too hard over the Summer” -OR- “I worked so hard this Spring to lose weight, now I feel like I’m un-doing all my progress.” It’s OK to socialize and have a good time this Summer, there are ways to do it while either maintaining your progress or working towards your specific weight loss goals.


Personally speaking, exercise has never been difficult for me, I really enjoy it for stress relief. BUT that dang nutrition can get the best of me!  I am the type of person who says to herself, “I worked out really hard today, I deserve a treat!” -OR- “I’m going to eat ______ and I’ll workout extra hard tomorrow.” Staying disciplined with my nutrition is a daily battle and I have to consciously remind myself of my goals.


As a health and fitness coach, I hear people talk about the struggles of eating.  Time is one thing that always comes up, so a big focus of my online support/accountability groups is meal prep, grocery shopping and providing my customers with nutritious recipes that are QUICK & SIMPLE!  There are no fancy ingredients, it involves very little prep time, and there is variety.  The goal is to simplify your life and set yourself up for success.  By having healthy & already prepared foods in the house, you are less likely to stray from your meal plan.


If you find that you are in the same boat and need some support with making healthy choices, please reach out!  I’d love to learn more about your own personal goals and how we can possibly work together to help you accomplish those.  You can also fill out this quick fitness application to give me a brief overview of your current fitness/nutrition routine, your goals and your struggles.




As I mentioned previously, nutrition is a big struggle for me. If  don’t have a game plan, I pretty much will eat anything. And if I don’t keep good foods in the house, you might find me at the local Taco Bell.  I have always been a fan of the 21 Day Fix program–especially the nutrition component!  It’s just so easy to follow, everything is laid out for you. I know what foods I can/cannot eat, how much to eat and there are a ton of awesome recipes included in the nutrition guide. So here is my meal plan for the week.


Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 4.25.06 PM

I’m also REALLY EXCITED about my new fitness program.  There is good news and bad news.  The bad news is the program Combat is no longer available through Team Beachbody.  I was able to snag one of the last few copies during the Beachbody Annual Summer Sale. The GOOD NEWS is that there are some other programs that are still available through Beachbody and Beachbody On Demand that are really similar to combat.


Combat is a kickboxing program, that also incorporates HIIT, plyometric training and weight lifting. Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire, by Chalene Johnson are VERY similar to the kickboxing portion of Combat. So don’t be sad!  You can STILL get a great workout, similar to combat by either purchasing the Turbo Fire or Turbo Jam Challenge Packs HERE or start streaming  your workouts right away through On Demand FOR FREE-email me at for details!


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  1. I dont have a current coach, but I do have Shakeology and 21 day fix dvds. What is involved with the get fit for the 4th?

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