21 Day Detox Results!!



I’ve been waiting for this day for……….21 days!!!

This has been the Spring/Summer of STUCK!

I dieted. I worked out HARD. I did cardio. I did weights. I followed correct portions. I tried to eat less. I tried to eat more. The scale just wouldn’t BUDGE! I was so FRUSTRATED and felt like I was not setting a very good example to my challengers.

Not only that but I just felt so tired and run down. My digestion was not good. My cravings for junk food were terrible. And worst of all my endometriosis symptoms had gotten so bad. I did my research and discovered that preservatives, chemicals, alcohol, sugar–JUST BAD EATING IN GENERAL–causes symptoms to be worse. BINGO!

That was all I needed to hear to decide I was going to detox my body. I have never done a long-term detox before, but I was ready for the challenge. I felt good knowing that with this program you get to EAT A TON OF FOOD! If you follow my snapchat you know. 🙂 The focus was on giving my body super dense nutrition each day to reset my metabolism and digestion and RID my body of the JUNK.

This was EXACTLY what I needed. I feel completely refreshed and revived! I feel so much more ENERGETIC! I’ve been sleeping like a baby. My mental clarity is fantastic. I feel RESTED. Digestion is better than ever. Haven’t had any endometriosis cramping or bloating AT ALL in August!!! Everything is back on track.

I am SO EXCITED to jump into my next fitness program on August 29th, with this renewed ENERGY! I have a whole new MINDSET going into it, especially with my nutrition. I am already down 11 lbs, but I ready to see EVEN BETTER results.

I am looking for 5 women who can relate to this post–just feeling YUCKY & in a FUNK! Whether you’re stuck, tired, sluggish, want a reboot, need a plan, etc. I want to help you!

EMAIL: brownellbootcamp@gmail.com

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