Why I Became A Health & Fitness Coach


A little over two years ago I was in a really bad place. If you know my story, then you know that my husband and I went through three years of infertility treatments.  We decided IVF would be our “last shot” at creating our family, and when it failed, I felt so lost. It had tested our faith, our marriage and took a major toll on my body.  So there I was, depressed, emotionally drained, and overweight from all the hormones.

Up until we started trying to create a family, my health had not been the best. I enjoyed exercising, and was an avid runner, training for numerous half-marathons. The weight seemed to creep on year after year, no matter what I did. I ate whatever I want–processed foods, junk, etc. I had no concept of portions or clean eating. So when our fertility doctor told me I wasn’t allow to lose and weight, and she actually wanted me to GAIN weight, it was kinda like a green light to just let myself go.

When we decided we were done with treatments, I knew I needed to make some changes. I was so unhappy with myself, what I saw in the mirror, not to mention I was always tired. I wanted to lose the weight I had gained and feel more comfortable in my own skin. So when I learned about the 21 Day Fix, it seemed like this could be the road to the results I wanted to achieve.

So I ordered the program, along with Shakeology, and joined my first health and fitness group with my coach. Long story short–IT WORKED! I lost 15 lbs. in 21 days and was THRILLED!!  I couldn’t believe after years of mistreating my body and all the medical procedures I had put it through, it was stronger and better than ever. It wasn’t just a physical transformation, mentally and emotionally I was starting to feel stronger, happier, more like myself again.  So when my coach presented the opportunity for me to lead others the way she had led me, I was 100% in. How could I NOT share this with others? It was like I had the secret to weight loss success that I knew couldn’t fail if people did the work. I wanted to help others regain their confidence again, get their mojo back and live life to it’s fullest.

I have now been a health and fitness coach for a little over 2 years. I have helped 100’s of women (and men too!) lose weight, get healthy and improve their lives. It’s been such a blessing in my life, one that has continued to help me heal from the years of heartache. Every time I help somebody, it helps to fill that part of me who has felt pain. I am a much stronger and happier person because of it.

I am looking to add to add 5 new ladies to my team of coaches! I am looking for women who want to achieve their own health and fitness goals–no need to be at your ideal body weight/size, I wasn’t! I am looking for women who have a desire to help others create a better life and in turn change their own, who are looking for something more out of life, purpose, and passion.

My team and I are hosting an informational session to talk about what we do as coaches, how we got started, how we earn an income and what this opportunity has done for us. There are no requirements, no obligations, just join our facebook group to gather all the information you need to decide if this opportunity would be a good fit for your life!

You can add yourself to this private group by following this link: bit.ly/OctCoaching

You can always email me at brownellbootcamp@gmail.com if you would like to chat. 🙂

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