Holiday Fitness Survival Guide



It’s hard to believe, but we are wrapping up 2016! The holidays are a time to kick back, enjoy time with friends and family and celebrate. But finding the balance between your health and travel, good food & drinks, and all the  get-togethers and parties can be challenging. Many people gain up to 10 lbs. this time of year which can wreak havoc on your health, confidence and self-esteem.

I am ALL about having a cheat day here and there, but with all the parties, a cheat day can easily turn into a cheat season. Before you decide to “take a break” from your health this season, overindulging in food and cocktails, check out these tips on how to find balance, stay on track with your goals while still enjoying  yourself, so you don’t have to make up for lost time come January 1st.



                           MY TOP HOLIDAY FITNESS TIPS

  1. Set yourself up for success! I am willing to bet, people around the office are bringing in treats left and right making the staff lounge/lunch space a dangerous spot. Avoid these places as much as possible. Pack your own healthy lunch, full of veggies and lean protein. Pick ONE day during the week where you try a taste of a treat–just not every treat. Better yet, bring a healthier treat for everyone to enjoy! Pinterest in a great place to find healthy recipes, you can also check out the recipes I have posted on this blog.                                                          
  2. Commit NOW!  Rather than following the lead of MILLIONS of people who WAIT to start working towards their health and fitness goals until January 1st, start right now. While you are waiting for the New Year to roll around, you could be packing on dangerous pounds and inches, creating an even greater distance between you and your goals. If you are looking for a plan to follow (exercise & nutrition) please do not hesitate to reach out to me for information on my current challenge groups. You are MORE than welcome to join TODAY!  Come New Years, you will already be rockin’ a banging body!
  1. Steer clear of empty calories!  Let’s talk alcohol. Follow the age-old rule of one cocktail followed by one large glass of water. Exchange the soda in your cocktails with a sparkling flavored water, even adding it to wine for a spritzer. There is NO NEED to remove ALL the fun from the holidays! You can still enjoy a cocktail or two, while staying hydrated.
  1. Meal Planning. Don’t avoid social gatherings, instead use them as a time to practice your self-control and prove to yourself you can make good choices, even around others. An hour before your dinner, fill up on something healthy: Shakeology, raw veggies and hummus, yogurt and fruit, etc. that way you aren’t showing up to the party STARVING! Thirty minutes before dinner, drink at least 25 oz. of water. At dinner, stick to normal sized portions–just because something tastes good doesn’t mean you need to have seconds. Try a small serving of your favorite holiday treats. Load up your plate ONCE, filling at least ½ your plate with veggies.
  1. Relax! Make the focus about family, friends and good cheer, not about food and drink. When you place the focus on quality conversations and time spent with others, it takes the pressure off the secondary things.

Transition back to your healthy lifestyle as soon as possible by joining my January health challenge and if you are looking for accountability and support RIGHT NOW, you are invited to join my “Finish Strong” health challenge, which is happening NOW (Pssst, it’s not too late!).

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In closing, I want to remind you that I make myself available to you, as a health and fitness coach, any time!  Whether you are in a challenge group or not, on Shakeology Home Direct or not, have fallen way off the wagon, or are doing pretty good on your own–I AM YOUR RESOURCE! I hope you and yours have the happiest of holidays, filled with cheer, laughter and love, and want to wish you the most blessed New Year. <3

Best wishes,

Leah Brownell

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