Spring Is Almost Here!



After the holidays and New Year, I was feeling a bit fluffy!  I was mindful of my choices over the holidays but at the same time, when those cookies came out, I was eating them. After one last hurrah during New Years, I was ready to recharge my digestion, metabolism and body with the Ultimate Reset. I LOVE the way my body feels during that 21 days! After the first time I completed the Reset in August of 2016, I slowly went back to my old eating patterns, I didn’t take the “post-reset” instructions seriously. And slowly I started to feel icky. So this time around I vowed to stick to the post-reset plans and KEEP my healthier diet–gluten and dairy free especially.


I am happy to report that I’m still eating pretty close to vegan. Sometimes I have gluten and dairy (intentionally and unintentionally). But I am living about 80% vegan and feeling great! I know it’s not for everyone, but my body thrives off of more veggies!


I was excited when hubby was on board to complete Insanity Max:30 (IM30) from start to finish. It’s perfect timing with our Spring beach vacation! This past week we completed the first month, so I snapped some progress pics. I was really curious about the difference I’d see between the Ultimate Reset photo and this newer one. I don’t use a scale, so selfies are the only way for me to track my progress. I am really excited to see the definition taking place from IM30! I’m feeling strong and leaned out which is exactly what I NEED before I hop into a swim suit.


Tomorrow starts MONTH TWO of Max:30.  I anticipate a struggle–just when things start to get a little easier, it’s time to flip the script! Progress is made during those moments when you’re forced to dig deep and push PAST being uncomfortable. Four more weeks until beach vacation!

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