We’re Getting Our SH**T Together!


After a week in New Orleans, eating more beignets and po boys than I care to talk about, am SO READY to get back on track! I always enjoy myself at our annual Coach Summit, stray a bit from my usual meal plan. It’s just fun to try foods from other places, and let tell ya, New Orleans has AMAZING food-not the healthiest-but delicious.

It’s funny (or not) how our body reminds us of what I truly wants and doesn’t want. But I have no regrets about this week/weekends choices. We sweat a little every day ate *mostly* healthy, had ALOT of fun and enjoyed NOLA’s finest treats.

My team and I are kicking off our online support group and all starting a brand new workout program. I decided to re-open enrollment, since I had a lot of people asking about the workout videos I posted this week. If you want to join us this is the ABSOLUTE LAST CALL. We are kicking off our prep week this week!

To apply, head to bit.ly/slimdownSUMMER and let’s chat!

Not sure what the heck Shift Shop is? Click HERE to learn more about the newest at-home fitness program!
I will be following a vegetarian version of this nutrition plan, making some simple protein swaps. Below is my Week One meal plan.
Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 6.00.45 PM


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