Shift Shop Week One Results


Today marks day seven of Shift Shop and I’m extremely excited about my progress so far! When I came home from Coach Summit in New Orleans, I was feeling more than ready to get started with something new. Truth be told, it’s been awhile since I completed a program start to finish, including eating according to the meal plan. I know the nutrition plan is the real game-changer.


This first week was very straight-forward and basic. The workouts were only 25 minutes in length, I mean, who doesn’t have time for that!? I loved the cardio workouts called “Sweat” because that’s exactly what I did-SWEAT! The moves and footwork was simple, yet challenging, using two of the agility markers. Even the moves that were simple became a challenge since you perform them for 60 seconds. The weights workout called “Strength” was amazing, hitting every muscle group. But my all-time favorite workout of the week goes to Shift Core. Most of the moves were brand new to me and targeting all the common trouble areas, like love handles. To close out this first week I did Shift Mobility, which was a lot of stretching and recovery moves. It was exactly what I needed after a week of hard work and sore muscles!

Nutrition was familiar, as it’s based on the Portion Fix, or the 21 Day Fix which you might be familiar with. I did have to make some modifications as there were very few vegetarian meal options. But if you are a meat-eater, the nutrition guide has meal plans and recipes ready to go, to simplify your grocery shopping and meal prep. As you can see, I repeated my meals often. I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. I never felt hungry or deprived, the food was fantastic and satisfying.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 6.00.45 PM


Looking forward to week two, things change just slightly. Workout ramp up to 35 minutes in length and cuts back on the starchy carbs while increasing proteins, veggies, and healthy fats. I have a feeling this modification is going to take my results to the next level as I start to lean out and shed some fat.

Stay tuned, more results to come!

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