Biggest Loser Challenge Progress

Our Biggest Loser Challenge has started off with a bang! I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest we had. Each person paid in $25 to the “pot” and it ended up being $1,075, whaaaat!!?? We have weekly weigh-ins each Friday and then the final weigh-in the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The winner gets 75% of the pot and runner up 25%.

The participants are tracking pounds but the winner isn’t the person who loses the most, it’s the person who loses the biggest percentage of their body weight, so it’s a level playing field. They are following the meal plans provided, checking in with their daily workouts, and straight up kicking butt! As a group, we lost over 160 pounds in the first week! Several people lost over 10 pounds!


Here is why this is working:

1. They have a PLAN. They have meal plans and recipes and a workout calendar.

2. It’s convenient. Everything is done at home, on their own time. No driving to a gym, needing a babysitter, etc. They workout at home, around 30 minutes each day.

3. There is ACCOUNTABILITY & SUPPORT. This online community is supportive, understanding and helpful. They are invested in themselves and each other. They have a safe place to check in each day, post their sweaty selfies to ensure the workouts get done, share any struggles, ask questions, etc.

4. They have a daily superfood drink to keep their bodies healthy during this journey. Shakeology supports muscle growth and lean tissue repair which is SO important when embarking on a fitness journey. It makes for a tasty meal replacement, helps curb cravings, and helps cut calories.

5. They have skin in the game. Hey, who doesn’t want to win $800 or almost $300?!

Plain and simple, this formula of having a support system, a game plan, convenient workouts and an investment WORKS!!

For me personally, I lost 4 pounds this week. I was coming off an INSANE endometriosis flare up. I was extremely bloated and in quite a bit of pain. Many times, a flare up is caused by or made worse by poor eating, too much caffeine and alcohol. I really needed this group to get refocused on my nutrition. I realized I’ve been “coasting” through different fitness programs, not really taking the meal plan very seriously. I am committed to getting into the best shape of my life before the holidays hit. Typically I’m like everyone else—I wait to commit to something until after Christmas. I create my New Years resolution, blah blah blah. Why wait and have to work that much harder? Why not start now, have a healthy holiday without weight gain? This is possible, and I’m about to show you how it’s done. Stay tuned!

My next Online Bootcamp is starting on November 13th and I am now taking applications. To apply, please visit and I will send you the details. Talk soon!


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