2018…The Year To Be Obsessed!

Every January 1st, millions of people head to their local gyms, bound and determined to “get fit” as their New Year Resolution.  For many years, this was ME. I had a gym membership that was rarely used.  I didn’t know what the heck I was doing in the gym. I mean, I knew how to use the elliptical and the treadmill, maybe do a few bicep curls and sit ups. But I just couldn’t create a routine for myself that was actually effective in helping me finally lose the weight.



I struggled to lose weight for YEARS! When all along, the solution to my struggles was right in front of me, in the form of a fitness infomercial lol. Yes, I’m talking about the 21 Day Fix, you’ve seen them, c’mon! I actually didn’t see it for the first time on TV, but I saw a friend posting about it on social media and it piqued my interest. She had just had a baby, and struggled to lose the weight after. She had tremendous success with this program and I was sold! For both of us, the nutrition was the game changer we needed. I was eating so many “low fat” and “fat-free” processed foods in an attempt to lose weight and I rarely ate whole foods. Making the switch was key in my success, along with following correct portion sizes.

About me 2
My 21 Day Fix Results BEFORE, AFTER 21 DAYS & TODAY (left to right)

I have completed a dozen or so at-home fitness programs in the last 3+ years after finishing the 21 Day Fix. I haven’t paid for a gym membership since, don’t need to. The truth is, I have everything I need to be successful right here at home! It’s amazing what people spend on gym memberships these days, and with the upcoming New Year, the gym is going to be a zoo! Umm, no thank you.

I am determined to finish 2017 stronger than ever and prepare my body for my next at-home fitness program, the 80 Day Obsession. I have a blog post detailing this not-yet-released program (launching in January 2018) and you can learn all about it HERE. 

Who’s ready to FINALLY make 2018 the year of health & happiness!?

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