80 Day Obsession: Phase One Results & Review

Phase One

I can’t believe it, but Phase One is already over! These last four weeks really flew by, which I attribute to the wide variety of workouts. Throughout the last four weeks, only one workout remained the same-Saturday’s Cardio Flow. Otherwise we were doing a different number of sets and reps each week. For someone who gets bored with workouts very easily, this was awesome!


I need to come clean and say that during Phase One my nutrition was NOT 100%. There were several days when I went off my meal plan, didn’t eat according to the timed nutrition, had wine, extra cheese on something, etc. I also missed a few workouts when I got the flu a few weeks ago. Rather than making them up, I decided to just move forward. So, with all that said, I STILL saw some results and positive changes despite not sticking to things 100%. I will say that following this program has made be be more mindful of my choices, especially portions, when I’ve gone out to eat or even when I allowed myself a meal that wasn’t a part of my meal plan. Prior to this program, I hadn’t been following portion sizes, I was eye-balling things, which in turn caused me to overeat. This was the perfect reminder that, HOW MUCH and WHAT you eat really does matter the most.


Throughout Phase One, I had been following Vegan Meal Plan C. I am not looking to lose weight, so this was a maintenance meal plan.   I found that it was A LOT of food, some days I ate all of my containers, some days not. I never felt hungry, unless I went longer than the recommended 2-3 hours of eating, which goes against the idea of timed nutrition. I didn’t have a whole lot of variety in meals, because repeating meals made my meal prep much easier.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 8.25.10 AM


For Phase Two, I am in the same calorie bracket, so my meal plans will look the same. I am diving back into the dairy pool and adding some yogurt/Greek yogurt to my meal plan. Typically I stay away from dairy, but I am finding I need another protein option aside from veggie burgers and foods containing soy. This is such an easy option and I am really excited about the Buffalo Dip that I’m making! We also get a “refeed” day a few times during Phase Two. This is a day where you get a select number more carbohydrates (NOT A CHEAT DAY!) before leg day, to restore glycogen.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 8.00.45 AM



I want to be more diligent about my meal plan and have less days and times where I kinda go “off the rails.” The weekdays are easy, because of my structured schedule. But like most people, the weekends are where I tend to eat whatever I want (and cocktails). It is possible to go out to a restaurant and stay on course, but it requires looking at the menu ahead of time and possibly asking for accomodations. I’ve just gotten used to doing that, not only as a vegetarian, but restaurant-made food is typically higher in fat and calories, which you can reduce by making some substitutions.  In the end, this is all worth it-the timed nutrition, sticking to my workouts, avoiding tempting situations, etc. Eighty days is a long time, which has reminded me that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Small changes over time really do amount to BIG THINGS!!


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