For the Endo Girls

I’ve connected with a lot of women through social media, sharing their symptoms and struggles with me with regards to endometriosis. Some have been given the medical diagnosis, some aren’t sure if they have it, some have been to Dr’s that just don’t get it. I is such an unknown, even complex, disease. I hope to shed some light on it and share a few resources with you if you are suffering too.


I first shared that I had endometriosis two years ago, after a severe flare-up. Being in the health and fitness industry, I am always sharing pictures of my workouts and my BODY. So when I would have a flare up, I did everything I could to cover it up, only take pictures from my chest, down, wear baggy workout clothes etc. But I started to feel like a REAL phony, so I ripped off the bandaid and shared a picture of my massive, bloated belly.  I was blown away with the number of private messages I got from people, thanking me for keeping it real, because it’s a STRUGGLE.


These pictures are just TWO DAYS apart. The left side is after 27 days of following a new nutrition plan and workout routine. I was loving the new abs coming in, and then BAM the bloating kicked in and they were gone in literally an instant. But that’s endometriosis for you.


It is really hard to watch your body change so quickly, you feel out of control. And I’m just talking what you physically SEE in these pictures, not the debilitating pain and discomfort that comes with it. I’ll admit, my nutrition isn’t always perfect, I have cocktails, coffee and pizza, because #balance. But I will say that cleaning up my diet, eliminating process, chemical-laden foods and limiting caffeine and alcohol helps a lot! Food is medicine, for real y’all! Load up on vitamin-rich fruits and veggies as much as possible. Every body is different, everyone reacts differently to different foods, so eat clean and listen to your body.


Something else I turned to, to help combat my symptoms, was holistic medicine. I enlisted the help of experts at Salveo Holistic Wellness  to see if there were some alternatives to prescription medications. I completed an extensive questionnaire, in which I reported concerns with endometriosis, and sent a hair and saliva sample in. What I found was that I had a hormone imbalance and digestive issues, both of which exasperate endometriosis and my thyroid condition. I started taking several herbal supplements, including one called Polyps and Adhesions to help break down any internal scarring from endometriosis. It’s been two cycles since I started and although I’m still a bit bloated and crampy, it’s nowhere NEAR what it’s been in the past. So I am hopeful it’s working!




Rather than me trying to regurgitate information, possibly getting it wrong, I’m going to send you to the experts. Below is a website dedicated to this disease, diagnosis, research, and raising awareness. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the internet and even from doctor’s. This coalition is trustworthy and provides a lot of great information and resources. The Endo Co


Do you think you might have endometriosis? Have you been diagnosed? I would love to hear from you! Let’s connect You are not alone. <3

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