80 Day Obsession Meal Plan-Week of March 5th

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We are rolling right into the last week of Phase Two! This week I am trying a few new things in my meal plan, including some vegetarian sausage/dogs and a new breakfast creation. I am really ready to buckle down on nutrition this week. In all honestly, last week I didn’t eat the greatest. I got swindled into buying some Girl Scout cookies from one of my students and just didn’t have the self-control! I also wasn’t great about following my meal plan, went off track a few times. So this week, my goal is to eat 100% according to plan Monday-Friday (baby steps) and if I make it, I am going to treat myself with a spa day. If that’s not motivating I don’t know what is!


I’ve said this before, but you CAN still see results if you stray from your meal plan. You just won’t see results as quickly, or maybe not at all if you are REALLY going rouge. It really is all a mindset. The results we all want take work. If it were easy and temptation was no big deal, we would all have a six-pack. Self-control, determination and commitment are what gets you to your goals. I am ready to go full throttle! I have just three weeks until I leave for Charleston, SC to vacation with my sister. I am feeling confident now, but know that the results I really desire will only come from staying the course.

Loving the new muscle definition AND the new outfits for my trip!


2 Kabocha Squash

12 Eggs

1 piece of bread

1 tsp peanut butter

I sliced and roasted 2 kobocha squash (similar to butternut). This type of squash counts as a green container so it fulfills my breakfast containers. While that was roasting, I scrambled 12 eggs and portioned them out into six containers (one red container each). After roasting at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, I peeled the skin off and diced the slices up. I then measured it in a green container and added it to the eggs. My plan is to heat the eggs and squash up, toast one piece of gluten free bread and top that with one teaspoon of peanut butter to hit all my pre-workout containers.


We are kicking off our “pre-season” TOMORROW (March 5th). During this week, new members will do some goal setting, get familiarized with meal planning and grocery shopping (lists and recipes provided) and pick the fitness program that best matches their goals. If you’re ready to lose those pesky Winter pounds and get your body Summer ready, head to bit.ly/brownellbootcamp ENROLLMENT CLOSES ON 3/7 to ensure you get your supplies in time to start on 3/12 (official start date).

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