80 Day Obsession-Phase Two Recap and This Week’s Meal Plan

It really is hard to believe that 50 days has gone by and we are onto Phase Three, just 30 days left! This has been such an awesome learning experience for me. I’ve learned to eat MORE food to get better results, which took some time getting used to. I’ve finally settled into this calorie bracket and feel so good. I’ve learned that I do not need to step foot on the scale anymore, because it only frustrates me, not motivates me. I’ve learned that I love lifting weights more than I ever thought I could. I am normally a cardio queen, but I’ve come to really love lifting heavy weights, it’s very empowering.


This week’s results seem a bit like a setback for me. I ended up having a mild endometriosis flare on Thursday and I am also due to have my monthly visitor arrive this week. So I’m feeling (and looking) a bit bloated all over. I almost didn’t want to share this week’s pictures because there is little physical change in them. I was disappointed this flare up happened right at the end of Phase Two. But this is real life, this is my life, what I deal with, what my body goes through. So why not share. Despite not seeing a big change from last week to this week, when I look at where I started I see HUGE changes, and that keeps me excited!


Thursday’s endo flare up

I think all women go through changes throughout their cycle. Some week’s we look and feel leaner than others, and that’s okay. Consistency, even through those annoying times, will pay off in the end. So take your weigh-ins, progress photos, etc. with a grain of salt when you know you’re going through some “lady stuff.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 5.11.36 PM.png

This week my goal is to follow my meal plan 100% (as was my goal last week) Monday-Friday. Saturday I definitely plan to have some fun for St. Patty’s day! I will eat according to my meal plan with the addition of some green beer and maybe even an Irish Car Bomb. All work and no play is NOT my motto!!

You HAVE to check out this amazing pizza recipe I tried last week. It’s on the meal plan TWICE this week, it’s THAT good.

Another new recipe this week is Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal.


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