80 Day Obsession-HOME STRETCH!

I am in the final two weeks of this amazing program! I took last week “off” due to travel. I was visiting Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA with my sister and while we worked out each day (Pure Barre and streaming BOD programs) I didn’t have access to heavy weights to continue my workouts. So I pressed PAUSE then resumed last Monday. I also completed the 3-Day Refresh Monday-Wednesday to give myself a jumpstart back into my program. After a week of essentially eating and drinking whatever I wanted, I was a bit bloated and was feeling yucky. This was a perfect tune-up to get me back on track!

3-Day Refresh Results 

I was feeling back on my GAME after the Refresh, and ready to nail these last three weeks. One thing I noticed was how quickly my body bounced back and responded to my normal foods and workouts. I was so SORE after a week of no weights, feeling new muscles again-LOVE that feeling! Tomorrow marks day 69/80, meaning just one more week of regularly scheduled workouts, followed by a week called “Peak Week.” Bring it on!

DAY 69 vs DAY 1
DAY 69 vs DAY 1



This week’s meal plan, following Vegan Plan C. Keeping it simple for meal prep purposes. I shared my weekly meal prep, meals and tips on a live Facebook Video This link will stay up on my fitness page, Brownell Bootcamp Sunday is empty since it’s not a timed-nutrition day, I can be more flexible and will be home for all my meals. Tuesday is highlighted because it’s a refeed day-meaning I get to eat some additional carbs!

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 4.57.16 PM


I will be hosting a 2nd 80 Day Obsession online bootcamp and providing support, accountability and resources in a private facebook group. Please reserve your spot ASAP to ensure you have your materials by April 23 (the start date). I will be taking 10 ladies this second round. You can register HERE or email brownellbootcamp@gmail.com with any questions.

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