Weekly Meal Plan-September 24th-29th

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When you fail to plan, plan to fail! I have not been good about creating a weekly meal plan for the last several weeks. I am just so much more accountable to myself when I have one! Whenever I start feeling a little “fluffy” or stop seeing progress during a fitness program, it’s always due to nutrition.

Recently I started following a low-carb, high fat eating plan. I use an app on my phone called Cronometer and I track my macros there. I have the nutrition broken down to 1,552 calories a day (to maintain my current weight). I have further broken down the macro settings to 92g of protein, 25g carbohydrates and 117g of fat. I want to be CLEAR that this is what works for me, and I am not at all suggesting you do this. I also want to emphasize that eating higher fat doesn’t mean crushing pounds of bacon each day. My fat sources are avocados, MCT oil which I add to my daily Shakeology and coffee, coconut oil and ghee for cooking and flavoring. My main source of carbohydrates come from veggies and Shakeology.

Here’s to a new week and locking up that nutrition!


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