21-Day Ultimate Reset Results

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DAY 1 vs DAY 21

Once a year, I do a 21-day plant based detox called the Ultimate Reset. For me, the purpose isn’t about losing weight, it’s about resetting my body to “factory setting.” You see, our day-to-day life is FULL of pollution, chemicals, preservatives, and other harmful things. We can try to eat and drink as healthy as possible, avoid certain products, etc. but the truth is our body is always absorbing harmful toxins it can’t process. The result? An irritated and sluggish digestive system, difficulty losing weight, bloating, and a whole host of other symptoms.

I decided to start this program the Monday following Thanksgiving. This wasn’t the easiest time to do it, that’s for sure, and it definitely tested my willpower! From treats at work to holiday parties, temptation was all around. Typically, I would be attending every party and eating every treat, likely gaining a few pounds and feeling pretty bloated for Christmas. So I was actually really glad that I “couldn’t” eat the treats!

I ended up losing 10.2 pounds, which was cool. But I was most excited about the energy I felt. I got AMAZING sleep for 21 days, I felt super focused in my work (I even had the 3 highest paychecks in my online health coaching business EVER!) and I spent a lot of time practicing self-care (lots of detox baths, reading, yoga, and relaxing). I overall really enjoyed this time to myself, but if I’m being honest, I was ready to be done at the end because I missed my wine!


The eating plan is something that can definitely be followed long term. It’s a great ratio of macros and a lot of calories (I was never hungry). For me, it’s not something I could do forever, like I said I missed my wine! I am definitely looking forward to slowly incorporating some different things back into my diet like dairy for example. I also really missed my workouts! During the Reset, exercise is avoided because the inside of the body is working really hard. I didn’t mind doing yoga a few days a week, but I can’t wait to get back to my HIIT and weights. I’ll be starting Shaun T’s new Transform :20 program after the New Year.


I always recommend the Ultimate Reset, because every time I’ve done it I’ve had awesome results. But if 21 days feels to intimidating, I have a shorter 3-day cleanse that is similar. It’s a great way to kick cravings, lose a few pounds and bloat. Perfect before the holiday parties, vacations, weddings, etc. or to freshen up after a period of bad eating.

I am also accepting applications for my New Year, New You online wellness bootcamp starting after the New Year. Participants will be following a fitness program that fits their needs as well as a provided nutrition program. To apply, please click HERE or see below.

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