21 Day Detox Results!!

  I’ve been waiting for this day for……….21 days!!! This has been the Spring/Summer of STUCK! I dieted. I worked out HARD. I did cardio. I did weights. I followed correct portions. I tried to eat less. I tried to eat more. The scale just wouldn’t BUDGE! I was so FRUSTRATED and felt like IContinue reading “21 Day Detox Results!!”

Ultimate Reset Phase One Results

Just finished up Phase One of my detox program, the Ultimate Reset!! This is not a “cleanse” so don’t be fooled. The focus of this program is to reset the body to “factory settings” again so It can work at optimal capacity. I decided to do this 21 day program several weeks ago. I noticedContinue reading “Ultimate Reset Phase One Results”


Looking for a quick “detox” after the holiday weekend? This meal plan will help you get right back on track if you’ve strayed during the holidays.  Check out below the picture for the specifics!  PROTEIN OPTIONS: Grilled chicken Grilled fish Ground extra-lean turkey VEGGIE OPTIONS: Broccoli Asparagus Green Beans Zucchini Cucumbers Bell Peppers Oatmeal canContinue reading “3-DAY QUICK START”

3 Day Refresh-Day ONE Reveiw

I have done the 3 Day Refresh several times before for various reasons (getting ready for vacation, a wedding, resetting my body & appetite after a binge).  I’ve gotten through it with a BREEZE every single time.  But this time……oh boy, this time is feeling very different! I am going to attribute my hard-core detoxContinue reading “3 Day Refresh-Day ONE Reveiw”

3-Day Refresh Sample Meal Plan

Moment of honesty….my diet SUCKS right now!!  I just can’t seem to get back on track after Christmas.  Actually, truth, this started around Thanksgiving. I’m already one month into Hammer and Chisel and am feeling stronger, but not seeing the progress I want, because of my crappy diet. I ordered the 3-Day Refresh on ChristmasContinue reading “3-Day Refresh Sample Meal Plan”