3-Day Spring Reboot

I recently returned from a week-long sister trip. We started in Nashville, hit up some honky tonks, amazing restaurants and famous landmarks. I really enjoyed myself and did not skimp on any fun, that’s for sure! I am all about living life to its fullest. At the end of the day, none of us areContinue reading “3-Day Spring Reboot”

Protein Cookie Dough Bites

I hope you are ready for a treat!!  These cookie dough bites are da bomb!  They have just a few ingredients, are quick and easy to make and husband approved. I made up a batch of these before I leave for a girls vacation. They are one of my husbands favorite treats and he canContinue reading “Protein Cookie Dough Bites”

Thanksgiving Detox

You know how it is…an extra helping of mashed potatoes here, a piece of pumpkin pie there.  And then there are the DAYS of leftovers!  Before you know it, your jeans are too tight and you need to lose a few pounds. This Thanksgiving, get yourself back on track FAST with the 3-Day Refresh.  ThisContinue reading “Thanksgiving Detox”