My Two Week Bikini-Ready Game Plan

  The Spring Break countdown has begun! Just two weeks until I have my toes in the sand and it couldn’t come soon enough. As we speak, Wisconsin is gearing up for a March snow storm. I wanted to share my bikini-ready game plan with you guys, because I’ve found that when I put itContinue reading “My Two Week Bikini-Ready Game Plan”


I’m super EXCITED about completing the Ultimate Reset for the second time! I was in need of something after the holidays. I was in a bit of a slump, the scale wasn’t budging, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted from my fitness programs and my thyroid was out of whack. The beginning of January seemedContinue reading “ULTIMATE RESET 2.0”

Ultimate Reset Phase One Results

Just finished up Phase One of my detox program, the Ultimate Reset!! This is not a “cleanse” so don’t be fooled. The focus of this program is to reset the body to “factory settings” again so It can work at optimal capacity. I decided to do this 21 day program several weeks ago. I noticedContinue reading “Ultimate Reset Phase One Results”