Weekly Meal Plan-September 24th-29th

When you fail to plan, plan to fail! I have not been good about creating a weekly meal plan for the last several weeks. I am just so much more accountable to myself when I have one! Whenever I start feeling a little “fluffy” or stop seeing progress during a fitness program, it’s always dueContinue reading “Weekly Meal Plan-September 24th-29th”

80 Day Obsession Weekly Meal Plan + Progress Update

We are going into week two of Phase Three! Time is FLYING…I know, I say that every week. But seriously, this is the first time I’ve stuck to something past 21 days and haven’t gotten bored. It helps that I continue to see progress, the workouts are FUN and new every day, and I’ve beenContinue reading “80 Day Obsession Weekly Meal Plan + Progress Update”

PHASE TWO: Week One Review

  We are moving right along into Phase Two! This past week workouts were different, new moves, new weights, etc. The thing I love the MOST about this program is the variety in workouts, no two days are exactly the same. If I am being completely honest here, last week was a rough one forContinue reading “PHASE TWO: Week One Review”

80 Day Obsession: Phase One Results & Review

I can’t believe it, but Phase One is already over! These last four weeks really flew by, which I attribute to the wide variety of workouts. Throughout the last four weeks, only one workout remained the same-Saturday’s Cardio Flow. Otherwise we were doing a different number of sets and reps each week. For someone whoContinue reading “80 Day Obsession: Phase One Results & Review”